Packages Shaped Like Kindles!

Someone’s dear sweet husband just bought her a Kindle. It’s nowhere near our anniversary.

AND he made sure he was in his boxers when the UPS guy rang so I’d have to get it, expecting another one of his quality handcrafted heirloom wardrobe essentials. (The guy at the leasing office knows us so well he just rolls his eyes when we come in and gets up to go rustle up our missed packages.)

It’s sparkly and new, waaay lighter than I expected, like something I’m probably going to sit on and break without even realizing it. We snuggled on the couch while I set it up, got used to the navigation, marveled at how they make adult Etch A Sketches now and we somehow got duped into buying one. I scrolled through the list of free books, downloaded a couple, flipped the pages back and forth just to see the liquid paper molecules rearrange themselves like magic, and giggled more than was necessary.

Fifteen minutes later, I was back on my Chrome Book.

“Why aren’t you reading your Kindle?” my husband asked.

“Because the books I’m reading at the moment are actual books, so if I want to read, I’ll have to go find one of those.”

“Why can’t you start a Kindle book?”

“Well, I guess I could buy one. . . .”

Jordan doesn’t need much encouragement to buy a book.

“Wait. I thought the purpose of getting you a Kindle was to save money on books.”

“It is.”

“. . . not spend money.”

I’d already pulled up the page for the book at the top of my list. The Fault in Our Stars. Not only does John Green write teenagers like he hasn’t not been one longer than he actually was one, but he stole my title. Or at least the opening book quote. (Shakespeare quotes are kinda like normal attractive single guys: you gotta snatch ’em up while they’re still available.)

“Only $3.99! See, I could spend $3.99, or I could drive to Barnes and Noble and spend $17.99, like I’ve been on the verge of doing for months.”

“What about the Prime lending library?” my husband put in almost helplessly, because at that moment, I was hitting the button marked “buy.” It downloaded in mere seconds.

“See?” I showed him Chapter One. “Saving money already!”

Buy a Kindle! Save money on books! Free advertising courtesy of Jordan Michael Palmer!

Thank you dear husband 🙂


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