Hey There, You Found Me!

To all the new people rolling in, I just wanted to take a moment and say:


I am but a humble writer, who about a month ago got this crazy idea to start publishing stuff on the Internet. Other people do it all the time, so why can’t I?

Oh, that’s right. I don’t finish stuff.

Failure nips at my heels. I steep it in hot water and sip it over the morning paper–to build an immunity I like to claim but more likely so that I don’t get any bright ideas. People have success, tis true. Just other people. Not people like me.

But because I go crazy if I don’t, I continue my sad and lonely practice of writing, and lo and behold some people start noticing. I don’t know who these people are, but they like my posts and they click the follow button and so, I think, maybe there’s something to this. It’s not a nail driven into the wall full of rejection letters, not nearly. (I don’t have the fortitude for that just yet.) “Like” is so much more agreeable-sounding than “rejection.” Maybe people do like me; maybe I’m just kidding myself. Either way, I keep writing, because that’s what I do. My world is chaos without writing.

And then out of nowhere the right people find my stuff and all of a sudden, I have this thing thrust at me that I can’t rightly call a failure.

What is this thing? It’s shiny, and weird, with smooth edges and colorful buttons. It’s comments about things I came up with, way beyond the basic, “Like your post!” It’s engagement, it’s communication, it’s validation. It’s connections with real people, which take my little self-indulgent hobby and give it a purpose. Hey Jordan. There’s people out there who think like you do. With things to say about subjects you find important. And they want to have a conversation.

This thing might be, though I’m not going to get my hopes up because after a month there’s no way I’ve arrived–still have a long way to go to prove myself there–this little shiny new thing might just be a little piece of success.

So thank you, readers, and commenters (especially commenters!) And thank you WordPress for featuring my post “Writing Without A Map: In Which I End Up Exactly Where I’m Supposed to Be” on today’s Freshly Pressed. It’s just the sort of encouragement a fledgling writer needs to keep at it. Because Lord knows writers face enough rejection as it is.



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10 responses to “Hey There, You Found Me!

  1. Yes, and I’m glad I did!(find you that is) Congrats on the ‘Freshly Pressed’ award. I’m enjoying reading your posts. peace

  2. Greetings to you writer.. the line that made me click the follow button: “Because that’s the thing about secret worlds. They’re intensely personal, the sum of all our life’s experiences, and how can we possibly hope to properly articulate that? Sometimes I envy all those people who are content to simply occupy their secret worlds, never once feeling the urge to share it with others. It would certainly make relationships a whole lot less complicated.”
    I love the creative titles of your posts..keep writing writer.. 🙂

  3. All you can do is keep on keeping on. Never give up. I have been churning out stories for years which nobody seems to want. But I continue to do it because it gives me pleasure. And ultimately that’s all that matters. Think of Van Gogh. During his lifetime only his brother Theo recognized his talent and supported it. Think Herman Melville. He sold very few copies of his acclaimed novel, Moby Dick. Then in the 1920s somebody found it in an attic and recognized it for the great novel it is. So, no matter what, you keep at it. Hone your talent by continuing to practice it. And don’t let anybody tell you that what you do is not important. Part the language but that really is total b.s.

    • Yeah but I don’t want people thinking I’m awesome only after I’m dead. They say you die twice, first your body and secondly when someone speaks your name for the last time. However, I’d rather they like me while I’m still breathing.

  4. Your ebullience is contagious. Thanks for being so honest about your trepidations jumping in and sharing how well it’s turning out!

    • Well I tried being fake in high school but since that didn’t turn out so well I have no choice but to be myself. I figure if people don’t like what I am they can go find someone else to have an unhealthy relationship with.

      And thank you. No one’s ever called me ebullient before.

  5. Whether or not reflecting and writing is easy for you, you sure make it look that way! Looking forward to seeing more from you.

    • Reflecting is easier than writing for sure, but anyone can talk about themselves. Harder to make random strangers want to read about it. Thank you so much for reading and commenting. Knowing someone is interested makes it less futile 🙂

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