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My name is Jordan, and I’m an absent-minded writer of YA and other stuff living somewhere north of Atlanta, Georgia. I like tea, books, and rock & roll. I can’t decide if I would rather be Neil Gaiman or Neil Young. Probably both, let’s be honest.


Here’s a little about my current project: Walls, YA contemporary (UPDATE 1/5/14: We have completion! Read more about it!)

When Andy, a 16-year-old graffiti artist, discovers her father is awaiting execution on death row, she deals the only way she knows how: with a spray can. At first only trying to make sense of a senseless tragedy, her art quickly divides a town still waiting for closure on its most infamous crime and forces her to take a stand she’s not sure she’s ready to take. Can she love a person capable of such terrible things? Should she? And, with her mother’s home-staging business threatening to move her away from the only set of friends to accept her without question–not to mention the execution that creeps steadily closer–what’s the point of loving anyone at all?


More about me and my writing, since the two are hard to distinguish:

And some Adventures in Story Research:


13 responses to “About Jordan

  1. I go with listening to Neil Young while reading Neil Gaiman.

  2. Hi Jordan- excellent work on your blog! I’m looking forward to following!

    Much success,

  3. lauraeflores

    I look forward to reading your book, when is it gonna be out? I’m currently working on thesis (it’s of a documentary) that deals partly with graffiti, and also… In my own book project (You and Me and the Devil Makes Three), graffiti has a small part, so this really caught my attention. My hubby lived many years in Georgia, I haven’t visited yet though, but… I’d love to though.

    • What is it about graffiti that’s so fascinating? I don’t know about you, but I’ve never personally known a graffiti writer, never lived where it was prevalent. In real life I’m something of a goody-two-shoes! Maybe it has this dark-side draw, as a socially-illegitimate method of expression, which of course would attract the interest of any artist. We like unorthodox things.

      As for my book. . . I have to finish it first, haha. Then I need an agent, then a publisher. I’m still in the creating stages, but I’m happy to know at least someone is interested in the premise. I was afraid it’s a bit too narrow. Thanks for checking it out!

      • Jordan, think kindle. That way you don’t have to wait an eternity. Writers already do all their marketing, unless they are Stephen King. A lot of professional writers are going that way.

        • There is something about seeing your name on the spine of a book, endorsed by respected publishing house, almost like a seal of approval. I’ve always been a big fan of gold stars, and somewhat inept in tooting my own horn to the masses. Marketing…is important. But scary. I have neither the desire nor the energy to do it all myself, from a single Amazon listing up. I would rather throw myself into creating, convince people more powerful than me and with better resources I’m worth it, rather than trying to do all the legwork myself. Self-publishing works for many, many people, but I’m afraid I’m not assertive enough for it.

  4. Am working on a 10,000 word story currently called “Jesus Junction”. Might submit it as a kindle select. It is currently 3000 words long in first draft. Will have several people critique it when I have gone through an edit. Was wondering if you would be interested. It’s not humor like I write in my blog. It explores Faulkner/O’Connor territory. The setting is a small backwater Southern town in the fifties. It is written in the first person point of view. Main character is a fourteen year old boy whose mother is deeply religious and father is a backslider. My background is that I was born in Alabama and raised in Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky and Texas. The family is much like families who are relatives. So I know the territory well. Just thought I’d ask. If you can’t or don’t want to, it’s ok. No pressure.

  5. Haven’t seen you for a while. Hope your writing is going well.

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